Hyre Expectations, A family owned business since 1999


 Hyre Expectations Inc. builds custom homes, additions, alterations and provides remodeling, spray foam, and maintenance services for both residential and commercial customers in Maryland.




Construction by Hyre Expectations

More than just a construction company.


Family owned and opperated




Greg and Jodie started Hyre Expectations in 1999. Prior to the birth of Hyre Expectations they were bakers. They have been able to cohesively bring their passion to create better products to life through construction. 


Greg Hyre

The President

Greg is the founder of the company. He has always had a passion for detail. Greg started doing construction with his father as a kid, and started Hyre Expectations as a painting company at first. As the demands grew so did the company. Greg taught his trade to his two oldest sons who now share the company with him.


Cody Hyre

The Son

Cody is the oldest son of Greg Hyre. He has been working with his father since high school. He has a passion for project management and has a great eye for detail. Cody is also know for keeping the job sites light and enjoyable.

Kevin Fuqua

The sales guy

Kevin joined Hyre Expectations in 2015. He has been a great addition to the company bringing many years of sales with him. Not only is he great with sales he is one of our lead carpenters. Kevin has a deep passion for baseball and still plays when he can.  

Alex Hyre


Alex has been working with his father since he graduated high school. Alex shares the same passion as his parents to create and build better homes. He also loves to do high quality and challenging work, currently he is remodeling his own home with his wife. 


Kasey Hyre

The Daughter in-law 

Kasey married into the family business and shares the same passion for providing high quality service. Alex and Kasey got married in 2016. Prior to joining the company, she was a veterinary technician for many years. She grew up helping her father who was a carpenter where she learned the trade and the business.

All of our staff have been extensively background checked for your safety and piece of mind.

We pride ourselves on knowing we have trustworthy and knowledgeable employees. 


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We are  looking for quality Lead Carpenters and Helpers.  

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